Sorry Mick Jagger … U2 named the oldest band, by your magazine namesake

U2 was named the oldest band on the planet by the Rolling Stone rock bible.

he Irish supergroup has won the distinction of the longest active group in the world without interruption or change of composition.

The four Dubliners, who formed their group at school in 1978, have been together for 36 years – seven years older than their closest rival Radiohead who has been together for 27 years.

The prestigious music magazine hailed the Irish group as one of “rock & roll’s greatest achievements” for their artistry and marathon endurance.

“Friendship, health and serendipity have kept founding members Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. together since 1978.

“(U2) leads an elite group of groups who fought death, drugs, dysfunction and ugly prolonged interruptions to keep their original formations intact.”

They said the Irish band won out over every other band in the world because they never had a break, line-up change or hiatus.

The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962, but they did not make the list as the original lineup has changed over the decades.

Larry Mullen founded U2 when he published a notice at his Mount Temple school in Dublin in 1976.

The teenage group that was originally called Feedback included the quartet with Dik Evans, The Edge’s older brother. But the famous quartet emerged in 1978 after rebranding themselves U2.

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The prolific Irish rock stars are also in the lead in terms of productivity, with 13 albums compared to eight for Radiohead.

The group is also in the Guinness Book of Records for its 22 Grammy Awards, the most of any group in history. They also have an impressive eight Brit Awards, a Golden Globe and many more.

The group, which covers this month’s Rolling Stone, is committed to continuing to rock until their seventies.

“I don’t know – if we write songs as good as these,” Bono said of being there until they were 70 years old as the Rolling Stones.

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