Rubber band machine gun holds 672 rubber band shots

Finally, a much cooler way to store your collection of rubber bands.

Alex shpetniy

I had a rubber band gun when I was little. It was made from a piece of wood and had all the shooting accuracy of a blueberry pancake. Nonetheless, it has proven to be useful for local children’s wars. If only I had had access to the rubber band machine gun, I would have ruled the neighborhood.

The rubber band throwing device has already surpassed its fundraising goal of $ 5,000 on Kickstarter. Rubber-band Gatling guns have been created before, but the creator of the Kickstarter project refined the concept and brought the price down to $ 100.

The gun is constructed from birch plywood cut with a CNC machine. A small motor running on five AA batteries spins the barrel when you pull the trigger. It propels bands up to 26 feet, releasing 14 per second.

Normally it would take a long time to load 672 rubber bands on a rubber band gun, but the $ 100 pledge level includes a quick charger, an additional device that charges 14 rubber bands at a time. To reach the maximum capacity, you must load three tapes in each slot.

As usual when it comes to projectiles of all kinds, don’t aim that bad boy throwing rubber bands at people or animals. Target shooting should keep you busy, and you’ll spend a lot of time picking up litter after zapping 672 rubber bands around your house.

Elastic machine gun colors
The rubber band gun is available in three color options.

Alex shpetniy

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